Conversation: Scolding a Team Member (혼나기: 프로듀스101 시즌2)

A (종현): 현빈아, 쉬라고 안했잖아.

B (현빈): 네 죄송합니다.

A: 왜 이렇게 혼이 나고도 정신을 못 차려?

A: 목소리가 높아지잖아.

B: 죄송합니다

A: 못하는 사람으로 계속 찍혀서 남을 수는 없잖아. 잘해야지.

A: 내가 참았거든 진짜로.

A: 너가 어떤 마음으로 프로듀스101을 하는지 모르겠지만 난 열심히 해야돼.

난 안되면 끝장이거든.

A (Jonghyun): Hyunbin, I didn’t tell you to rest.

B (Hyunbin): I’m sorry.

A: Why can’t you get it together even though you’re being scolded like this?

A: You know I’m raising my voice.

B: I’m sorry.

A: If you keep getting shown as someone doing this poorly, you won’t be able to stay here. You have to do well.

A: I was holding back, really.

A: I don’t know why you wanted to join Produce 101, but I have to work hard. If I don’t, it’s the end for me.



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